Steering Committees Forming




Dear people of hope, faith and reason,

I am forming of forming 5 Steering Committees in attempt to build a strong organization, with individuals of disparate skills, interests, and qualities in an effort to bring an idea for peace to fruition.

It's called, PeaceCraft and you can view the temporary outline of the idea at www.PeaceCraft.Us 

It was inspired by the United Nations' International Day of Peace, the Coca Cola "I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing" commercial, Live Aid, and the United States' concept of the filibuster

 The short version of this rather large idea is that we essentially gather voices to filibuster for peace. We start in the peace party in the United States and have a Live Aid, modern day, technology laden party along with a location based Alternate Reality Game like Ingress or PokemonGo that is streamed live to as many social media platforms that we can muster, as well as local, national and international television and radio stations the world over. 

We begin with all of the countries which currently are not at war within their own borders and try to spread the word of peace a la the filibuster, we just keep going, hour by hour, day by day, until we bring everyone together, or at the very least, get everyone to think about love and understanding, if just for a few moments.

One day at a time, each country celebrates through music, prayer, art and reason as well as the blessings their country has been given, tall and small, and when they are done, the next country celebrates for one day. 

We try to make it sort of an Olympics for Peace. 

Undoubtedly, we will need the United Nations, the United States and perhaps all of the world's military and economic powers to pull this off, but if we can somehow get every country for one day, we can then do each continent for one day and maybe, just maybe, for one crazy moment, we can bring the whole world together through song. 

The question is not whether we can do it.

Most likely we cannot.

The question is: 

What's your verse?


Hopefully, yours will be the best one. 

Either way, if you're still reading, maybe you could sign up for one of the five steering committees here. ( It is a Typeform survey to gather your best contact details and to have you select committee(s) to which you might be able to contribute. (Read the descriptions first--the descriptions are not on the Typeform survey.

  Here is what I think might be a good start with five potential steering committees (totally open to changing this if someone else has other suggestions):

  • The Communications Committee
  • The Spirit Committee
  • The Technology Committee
  • The Humanity Committee
  • The Executive Committee

I think we should break up into five groups, each group forming its own charge to see how they can ideate and execute their primary role.

I think the main tasks should be the following:

Communications: Come up with ways to get every artist, actor, politician, civilian, major television network, cable station, movie house, writers guild and social media platform involved.

Spirit: Come up with a document outlining the core beliefs and components of peace. This committee should figure out ways to outline the definition of peace and how we can organize and facilitate our military powers to protect this effort. Basically, outline and define the 'why' of peace. Tall order.

Technology: leverage the digital world by using it to spread the message of peace. Figure out how to utilize computers, Artificial Intelligence., Alternate Reality Games and social media as well as emerging technologies to insure our path is linear and inclusive of chaos. 

Humanity: With the increase in the power of Artificial Intelligence, the Internet of Things, and the ubiquity of computers, we must insure that we don't all live forever. There are futurists like Ray Kurzweil, the head of Google's Engineering Lab, who believes that soon, the Singularity will force humans to face the fact that our lives can be extended to extraordinary length and perhaps, quality, as we almost merge with autonomous machines. That sounds great, but it scares the heck out of me. I love humans as we are.  

Maybe this committee could deal with connecting people across faiths and science. What is the humanity of peace? How do we make sure artificial intelligence, freedom and security work together, now and in the future, to insure that progress is not just merely more, but sometimes less. This committee should almost be a bridge from the Spirit Committee to the Technology Committee

Executive:  Come with up with an organizational structure to insure that this peace is not just for a day, or several days, even if we actually achieve the end goal. 

For once we stop, if we even halfway make it, we must set up processes and platforms to sustain the love that has inspired us in this first place.

Perhaps we can LinkedIn these people into the mix:

Dream Weaver Contact List:


President Barack Hussein Obama

Leonardo DiCaprio

Stephen Spielberg

Tom Hanks

Bruce Springsteen

Jon Stewart

Al Gore

Al Franken

Lady Gaga

Bruce Springsteen

Kanye West


Jay Z


Axel Rose

Mark Zuckerberg

Elon Musk

Ira Flatow

Chris Matthews

President Jimmy Carter

LaBron James


Rush Limbaugh

Robert Dinero

Danny DeVito

Michael Keaton

Emma Stone

Tom Cruise

Sylvester Stallone

Bruce Willis

Clint Eastwood

Tim Robbins

Sean Penn

Michael Moore

Quentin Tarantino

Jack Black 

Eric Snowden

Donald Trump

Hillary Clinton

Bill Clinton

George H.W. Bush

George W. Bush

Stephen Colbert

Howard Stern, 

Trent Reznor,

Angelina Jolie,


Brad Pitt and whoever else you can think of.

I hope all of you are well and if you don't want to fill one of the seats, perhaps you can forward this email to someone who might be able to take your place. 

Cheers. Hopefully, we can get this thing started for our children and their children ; )

Peace and pay it forward.




Brian Mannix


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