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PeaceCraft.Us Petition Demanding a UN Resolution for An International Filibuster for Peace

13 SEPTEMBER 2018   Sign The Petition


PeaceCraft.Us, Introduces 67 Straight Day Action Plan for an International Filibuster For Peace

Current UN Problem:

 STARTING With the End Goal of a Single Day of Peace.

  • Starting with a single, international global day of peace and ceasefire is an impossible task.

  • Every good teacher knows that the best way for students to achieve learning goals is to break down the subject into as many manageable tasks as possible.

  • Sustainable and lasting change comes one step at a time, one day at a time.

PeaceCraft.Us:  The International Filibuster for Peace

  • PeaceCraft.Us is petitioning the United Nations to declare an International Filibuster for Peace, with individual and specific days of ceasefire for each and every nation, front loaded with countries already at peace within their borders, sponsored by PeaceCraft.Us corporate supporters and live streamed across multiple social media platforms.

  • The process of PeaceCraft.Us would be a mixture of 1985’s ‘Live Aid’ meets The Olympics meets the filibuster with a dash of Pokemon Go in the form of an offline and sponsorable Alternate Reality Game (ARG)for Peace where participants can buy products,earning Peace Points which can be redeemed at participating businesses.

  • According to UN statistics, we would only need to save a maximum of 843 lives to get through 92 percent of the world’s countries.

Commencing Monday, July 8th, 2019, one nation at a time, one day at at time, ending the DAY BEFORE the United Nations’ International Day of Peace, Saturday, September 21, 2019.

Contact:  Brian Mannix, (516) 744-1274,

or visit www.PeaceCraft.Us

Coming soon:  PeaceCraft.Us Bots . . . ‘Ok Google, Talk to PeaceCraft.’