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Executive Board

The PeaceCraft.Us executive board will manage and set directives for the execution of PeaceCraft.uS in its offline, real world implementation of the template for national celebration that each nation is asked to take up.

This guiding document, made by the planning Peace committee, will be the launching point for soliciting involvement of governments throughout the world.

The executive board will be led by the three umbrella committees that are under the executive board's leadership:  Planning Peace, Allies for Peace, and the Game of Peace

The charge of the planning peace committee is to develop and execute a plan for the logistical implementation of the music, the arts, the faith and the reason and its role in the day of celebration.

The charge of the Allies for Peace Committee will be to see how to monetize, both the Celebrations themselves and the alternate reality game that sustains the peace.  the Allies For Peace committee is charged with bringing the players to the table, setting up binding contractual agreements and embedding the sponsors in the pre-event, event, and post event activities.

The charge of the Game of Peace Committee will be to be the puppet master for the alternate reality gam.  The game of peace committee will design spirit guides to be offered as roles for the various online and offline promotions and engagements for peace.