The mission of Limo Lolly is rather simple.  Dramatically reducing the number of deaths associated with drunk driving by partnering with venues that serve alcohol on a regular basis and leveraging advance alcohol sales in an effort to provide FREE TRANSPORT to and from venues that sell alcohol and are partnered with the Limo Lolly Platform.  

We at Limo Lolly believe that we can both increase alcohol sales at local establishments while SIMULTANEOUSLY providing a system of FREE Transport for those same customers by working together with the venues, with our patrons and with our Limo Lolly drivers by creating a system where everyone wins.

We've seen too many people die from Drunk Driving.  It's time to stop legislating harsher penalties that don't work and relying on night club patrons' good sense when it comes to getting behind the wheel.  

Limo Lolly solves that problem by partnering with bars, restaurants, and clubs in a common sense approach to monetize the end of drunk driving.  I hope you will join us in our effort to bring this platform first to Long Island and then to suburban areas around the country.


Brian Mannix

Founder & CEO of Limo Lolly

Feel feel to share your opinions on our participation page, sign up for a meeting on our investors page, or just feel free to shoot me an email with any questions, comments or concerns to