And you thought there would be know Day 12 . . .

Dear Leaders, Followers, Community Organizers, Saints, Sinners, Rich and Poor, Black and White and Everyone in between:

I have a challenge for you.  Let's start a movement, one step at a time.  

That's where all real momentous change takes place as evidenced by the students around the United States and the demand that students will never again be #NeverAgain subject to weak assault weapon restrictions.  As someone who was once a teacher and an individual who believes that that role never has to end, I believe that our students themselves, our children, are the best differentiators between what is right and wrong, just or unjust, and offer their parents and their educators about how our lives should actually be lived  more than any learned scholar or politician masquerading as a public servant ever could.  The wisdom lies in their connection to the miracle of life and it springs eternal.  That's why evolution and God go so hand in hand, because they work together, every generation gets smarter, and their kids, too grow a little more prematurely wise beyond their years and hold us to the standards we know in our hearts should be how we live our lives.

Such is the case with peace.  It's just how it should be.  Not a world without strife, without argument or without conflict, but a world where that conflict is discussed and debated, endlessly if needed, until one side is able to see some shade of their opponents point of view.

PeaceCraft.Us is not an attempt war forever or even dissolve age old conflict, it takes a much more rational and logical approach.  One step at a time, one day at a time, inch by inch and we will make the progress, eventually, that we need.

With PeaceCraft.Us, it's not just a warm fuzzy idea in the sky, it's a plan, laid out step by step, country by country, region by region, where first we will focus for a solitary day on a solitary spot of this earth and ask them to lay down their arms for that one day.  Simple enough.  No Herculean task, but one when repeated, over and over again, and lined up strategically begins to make a great deal of sense after the initial and quite normal reaction to any type of 'plan for peace.'

It would be like introducing Dr. Stephen Hawking's (may he rest in peace)  theory of quantum gravity with regard to black holes to a group of first graders and asking the kids if they believed they could solve the equation to explain it.  The truth is that, while, complex, mathematical and downright funky, those theories may be, they can be understood by an ordinary person of average intellect if they can first get past the concept that Dr. Feynman so comically explained was biggest barrier to teaching quantum gravity:  the very belief that they wouldn't be able to understand it and that something that sounded so extraordinarily impossible, like peace on earth, could, indeed be made true.

So, let's say you forget about the 15th most war torn conflicts for a moment and started this international day of ceasefire, for each nation, one day at a time, day after the 181 most war torn nations. 

Guess how many people would need to be saved or prevented from being killed on an average day in Sudan in the Darfur Conflict.


How could it be so low you say?

Well, the War in Darfur had 1,109 casualties throughout the entire year of 2017.


Don't you think it's possible that, if the United Nations passed a resolution designating an individual day for each individual conflict and for every nation, one day at a time, day after day, and only focused the world's media on that particular conflict for a solitary day that we could build momentum with Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft and IBM including interactive participatory Games of Peace on their platforms, along with corporate sponsors whose sale of their own PeaceCraft.Us branded products could make money as they do good work for the world.

Isn't that what our children tell us we should do?

Jeremy Gilley believed that the United Nations should declare of single day of ceasefire and actually got a cease of all ceasefire of all violent aggression on September 21, in coordination with the United Nations in 2009.

The point is, if we get the UN to pass the resolution, strategically align each country, day after day, we can get through 92% of the world's countries by saving an estimated 525 lives.  Imagine, Facebook Community Support, imagine Apple phone app, Snap Chat, Vine, Instagram, Skype, and corporate sponsors the world over.  

It can be done, step by step.  Sign up here to support the petition which should be up shortly. 

Eddie SingComment