If Rand Paul can shut down the US Gov. With a Filibuster, Pope Francis, Pres. Obama and Zuckerberg can Filibuster for World Peace

Dear His Holiness, Pope Francis, President Obama, and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg (PeaceCraft.Us Meeting Letter, Day 5),

Tonight Senator Rand Paul a member of the United States' Republican majority in the Senate is single handedly, by himself shutting down the biggest government in the world, halting its essential operations.  That is the power of the filibuster.  

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Imagine a filibuster for peace.

Imagine it organized by Pope Francis, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg.


Imagine if each one of you led your large group of constituents and spirits and worked together to bring about a world wide filibuster for peace.  Impossible, you say?  Before you judge, listen to this very actionable plan.

Currently, the United Nations has designated one day in an attempt to have every country on earth reach a ceasefire, laying down their guns on the International Day of Peace.  We will never achieve peace, using this approach.

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If Rand Paul can shut down the US government . . . 

Imagine Pope Francis, Pres. Obama and Mark Zuckerber leading an international filibuster for peace, one nation at a time, 196 days in a row.

What I am asking each one of you is to gather together to plan and implement a very simple and very workable (and very fun) approach toward peace.  Instead of attempting to get all of the world's armies to lay down their guns on one day all at once, the idea behind www.PeaceCraft.Us is that we focus on one country, one day at a time.  If the United Nations were to declare an individual day of ceasefire for each and every nation on this planet and string all of the days back to back, we could begin a filibuster for peace, utilizing public exposure, pressure and momentum to force the hands of those countries at war to lay down their guns for one day, one war at a time, as the world's eyes and, hopefully with your leadership, the world's spirit, economic and military support made it a lot easier to achieve what would amount to a series of small collective victories.

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Imagine President Trump trading his military parade for . .  .

literally the biggest even in all of human history:  an international filibuster, televised Alternate Reality Game for Peace.

PeaceCraft.Us is LIve Aid meets the filibuster meets the Olympics with a dash of PokemonGo.  I know each of you have accomplished great things.  I know each of you believes in the power of community and the audacity of hope.  I know that each of you are not done making your impact on this world.

I beseech you to take up my letter filibuster and get together to make the dream of peace a reality for the first time in our lifetimes.  With the power of our global connectivity, the power of the human spirit and the lead of those who currently enjoy the benefits of peace, we might just be able to pull this off.  The question is not whether we can achieve a day of global peace.  The question is 'what's your verse?'

The world awaits as do I with hope, determination and conviction.

Peace and pay it forward,

Brian Mannix

(516) 744-1274


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What's your verse?

Filibuster for Peace!