Dear His Holiness, Pope Francis, President Barack Obama and Mr. Mark Zuckerberg - Day 2 PeaceCraft.Us

I write each of you in a continued effort to organize a meeting between the three of you to discuss an actionable plan for peace on this earth called PeaceCraft.Us  Each one of you has achieved so much and undoubtedly have each achieved results that others told you were impossible.

I've been told that it is an impossible task to attempt to organize a meeting with men of your caliber and achievement, but I hope you can understand that like you, I believe each one of us can achieve great things in the face of incredible odds.



A Sonic Filibuster for Peace

The reason I would like to get the three of you together is to help bring about a plan I have to achieve real peace on this earth.  Currently, the United Nations has declared an International Day of Peace where they attempt to get every nation on Earth to lay down their arms for one day of ceasefire.  While I believe this goal is admirable, I also believe it is unachievable using an all or nothing approach.  

PeaceCraft.Us begins with getting the United Nations to declare an individual day of peace for every country on Earth.  PeaceCraft.Us adopts the effective concept of a filibuster toward peace.  The idea is to string together each individual day of ceasefire for each nation and place them day after day, focusing the efforts at each individual country for each particular day.  

Think of PeaceCraft.Us as a combination of Live Aid from the 80's, the Olympics and the filibuster all using 21st Century platforms of social media for individuals around the world to be able to actually participate in the events in each country from afar in an Alternate Reality Game (ARG) that will bring peace makers to businesses who will help sponsor the efforts.

If we front load all of the countries that currently have no fighting within their borders, direct unprecedented public attention at each individual country and mobilize the United Nation's as well as NATO's support, we might be able to gather enough steam to convince those currently at war to take a break for a single solitary day.  One day at a time will be the motto and we will organize a celebration the world over, day by day, strung together by a collective movement for peace.

I know I can't do this alone.  With the help of your collective abilities and platforms of outreach, I'm confident that we might have a chance at succeeding.  The question is not whether we can achieve peace in our lifetime.  The real question is what's your verse.

I ask anyone reading this letter to join me in a year long letter writing campaign (in the comments on PeaceCraft.Us Filibuster page) and to share this post urging Pope Francis, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg to direct their considerable energies toward this goal.

Peace and pay it forward,

Brian Mannix

(516) 744-1274