Day 11: If We Can Save 563 Lives, Over the Course of 181 Days, We Could Achieve Something Magical: PeaceCraft.Us

Dear His Holiness, Pope Francis, President Barack and Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan and Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham,

I write in an effort to gain your support for a unique idea that, with your support, might just enable us to achieve something truly remarkable and never achieved in all of human history.


PeaceCraft.Us is an actionable plan to achieve a moment of peace by getting the United Nations to declare individual and specific days of ceasefire for each and every nation, lining them up over a string of consecutive days, from most peaceful to least, and implementing an International Filibuster for Peace.

Currently, the United Nations has a single day of ceasefire called International Peace Day where they ask every nation on earth to lay down their arms all at once.  While the effort is noble it is unlikely to ever achieve a true moment of peace throughout the world.

PaeceCraft.Us takes a practical approach by asking the United Nations to declare a ceasefire day for each country and by leveraging social media as well as corporations to literally get in the game of PeaceCraft.Us   One nation at a time, one day at a time, if we string them all together we truly could create an International Filibuster for Peace broadcast live on television, streamed live to social media and open to peace players who can participate by playing the Alternate Reality Game similar to PokemonGo and Google's Ingress.  

The math makes it seem doable.  Leaving out the fifteen most war torn countries for a moment, we could get through a 181 days of ceasefires, one nation a day, by saving three people.  That is the average number of death in the 16th most war torn country.  in other words, if we could save 543 lives over 181 days, we could have the momentum and the entire world's eyes focused on the most fifteen violent nations who are currently at war.

Like President Lincoln trading favors to free the slaves, I believe that our world could come together to provide enough incentives to the fifteen most dangerous countries to get them to lay down their arms for a single day.  

PeaceCraft.Us would encompass a celebration during the ceasefire, including music, cultural heritage, public servants, role models, scientists and religious leaders.  Think of the concept of Live Aid from the 80's meets the spectacle of The Oympics meets the filibuster meets PokemonGo.

With all of your help, given the communities you each represent, we could get the United Nations to pass a resolution for individual days of ceasefire and organize an event that would last for 196 days.  It's doable, folks.  I'm sure of that.  The biggest impediment is the belief that we cannot do it, not the logistics of the concept.

The question is not whether we can bring peace to this world.  The question really is:  What's Your Verse?

I hope I get the chance to hear it and the world can hear a hymn of peace.


Brian Mannix