Day 10: If We Can Save Just Three Lives A Day . . .

Dear His Holiness, Pope Francis, President Barack and Michelle Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan, and Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham:

I write each of you because I honestly believe that by just saving as few as three lives a day, we can bring an incredible moment of international peace to this world.

How you say?  Well, the peace plan that I write to you about is called www.PeaceCraft.Us and it combines the music, excitement and charity of Live Aid with the spectacle of The Olympics with the tenacity of a filibuster along with a touch of interactive fun of PokemonGo.  PeaceCraft.Us is a filibuster for peace and our goal is to get the United Nations to pass a resolution declaring an individual day of ceasefire for every nation on this earth.  

Ninety Two percent of the world's nations have fewer than three people die, on average a day due to conflict.  If we could strategically front load every day of ceasefire with countries who already have peace within their borders and line them up one after another, day by day, we would be able to achieve 181 straight days of targeted peace making.  

Peace hand.jpg

With the eyes of the world on the celebrations taking place in each country, with social media participating in promoting each country's day of peace, along with corporate sponsors who could become Game of Peace locations around the world, we could strategically filibuster a plan for peace.  

The first step is getting the United Nations to declare a day of ceasefire for each and every nation.  For this end, I seek your help.

The question is not whether we can bring peace to this earth.  The question really is:  "What's Your Verse?"

I hope, one day, I will hear it and we can work together to bring PeaceCraft.Us from idea to reality.  I intend on writing each one of you every day until we can gain your support in lobbying for the United Nations to take up this important cause.


Brian Mannix