Day 8: My Silent Vow

Dear Your Holiness, Pope Francis, President Barack and Michelle Obama, Mark Zucherberg and Priscilla Chan, and Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham,

I write to you in the hope that this letter will reach you through one of your community's channels and you will take interest in what I am about to propose.

I believe there is a way that we can turn the United Nation's International Day of Peace into a more sustainable and recognizable event that is broadcast across televisions, all over the internet, in the stores of corporate sponsors and on the phones of every person in this world who is able to text.  

The idea is called PeaecCraft.Us and while the International Day of Peace calls for a ceasefire for all nations on one day, I believe a much more effective approach is to demand that the United Nations declare an separate and individual day of ceasefire for each and every nation on this planet.  Beyond that, I believe that we could strategically arrange them in a particular order beginning with countries that have little to no violent conflict within their borders, and then day by day, one by one, with the world both watching and participating, we separate the 15 most violent countries from the rest of the world's nations.  From 16-196, the highest average death per day is three in even the 16th most war torn country.  


That means if we could focus on an individual country and save just three lives, turn our focus the next day to another country, ask them to hold one day of ceasefire, saving and additional three lives, it is very feasible that we could line together 181 straight days of peace in the countries that we focus on.  If that we to happen with the world watching the celebrations taking place in every nation around the world with simultaneous online an offline challenges associated with each country international in the PeaceCraft.Us Alternate Reality Game, we might be able to build enough momentum to get the 15 most dangerous, war torn countries in the world to stop fighting for just one day.  

In order to do this, like Jeremy Gilley, an virtually unknown actor, was able to get the United Nations to declare one global individual day of peace with the help of Angelina Jolie and Jude Law, I believe that with a few celebraties, or with the awe-inspiring community leaders on this list, we just make be able to make a show of it.  I do know one more person who is interested in large, over the top extraordinary events and he happens to be the current President of The United States.  Would it be too audacious, President Obama to hope that possibly our president might be interested in putting on the greatest show this planet has ever seen.  

The show, is too cheap a word to embrace its goals:  a moment, just a moment of silence and a song, a hymn sung throughout the entire world.


Let's make this happen.  If not now, when.  If you you, who?

The question is not whether we can bring peace to this world.  The real question is "What's Your Verse?"

I hope you will help me bring this plan of peace before the United Nations.


Brian Manninx