Sacrifice, Selfishness and Peace - Day 7 Filibuster Letter Campaign, Day Two Voiceless

Dear Your Holiness, The Pope, President Barack and Hussein Obama, Mark Zuckerberg and Prscilla Chan, and Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham,

I write to you after completing one of the most trying days in my life.  I decided that in the true spirit of the Lenten Season, I would sacrifice something that I hold dear and something that I would image many people think I use far too much.  I figured that if I took a vow of silence and committed myself to not speaking, perhaps in some strange inverted way, my message might be heard louder than it was before.

Savin just 3 people a day for 181 straight days would bring peace to 181 countries.  From there we could get the rest on board for PeaceCraft.Us

Savin just 3 people a day for 181 straight days would bring peace to 181 countries.  From there we could get the rest on board for PeaceCraft.Us

Certainly the reaction of my family to my commitment of my vow of silence until Easter Day was greeted with the welcoming that you would give to a group of lice.  The horror they said they would have to endure.  The selfishness that I had to not speak when I was coming down to Florida to visit my mom and my brother and his children along with my three boys.  It was almost as if I had committed murder in the flesh.  Not only did they not understand me, but they were ashamed of my actions being so out of the ordinary.  My brothers told me I had to give up my vow, my mom indicted me for being selfish, ruining our family vacation and my children, reacting in large part to my mother's outrageous and fractured response, also acted like I was a madman, torturing them with my silence.  (Of course I have built an app to be able to push a number of short buttons to offer short responses via text on my tablet and have set up a robotic voice to hear my sentences.  I get that it is out of the ordinary, but I guess that is my whole point.  I feel I need to do something out of the ordinary to get the world to take notice of what is happening in almost every corner.

The positive part about my family's near violent reaction to taking a vow of silence for peace was that in my defense, I stumbled upon some figures that made me think that PeaceCraft.Us was even more achievable.  The goal of PeaceCraft.Us is not to achieve peace on earth forever.  It is not even, necessarily, to achieve peace on earth all at once, but when you look at the math, the problem is much, much more manageable and conquerable with the strategic adeptness of the PeaceCraft plan.


PeaceCraft is

Live Aid + The Olympics + PokemonGo + Filibuster

There are approximately 196 countries in the world.  If you rank them in order of the number of deaths in each country on a daily basis, the number of casualties are not nearly as large as I thought they would be.  If you take 92% of the safest countries, the one with the highest deaths per year, equates to three death a day.  Three.  That means, if we strategically arrange all of the nations in a particular order, get the United Nations to declare a specific and individual day of ceasefire for every countries, all we have to do is prevent three people from getting killed each day.  Three deaths are three lost souls, but I assumed the numbers would be much higher.  That means, if we could get each country to agree to save only three lives for one single solitary day, in each country, day after day, for 181 days, we would be gather enough steam, worldwide attention, and quite frankly, peer pressure, to be able to leverage that focus and that spotlight on the 15 most war torn countries in our world. 

Heck, if Jeremy Gilley, founder of Peace One Day and the spark behind the United Nations' International Peace Day, could get The Taliban controlled Afghanistan and the United States to stop fighting for a single day and have over 500,000 immunizations performed, wouldn't it be possible to get each of the most war torn countries (all 15 of them) to yield, only for one day, to the pressure and hope that 181 straight days of filibustered peace would bring.


We can do this.  I say we because  I need your leadership.  I need your interest.  i need your care and I need your action.  This is a workable plan for peace and one which the entire world can participate in.

The question is not whether we can do it.  The question is:  What's your verse?

For the next 38 days, mine will be silent.

Yours sincerely,

Brian Mannix