Brian Mannix, Founder and CEO of PeaceCraft.Us

Brian Mannix, Founder and CEO of PeaceCraft.Us

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Brian Mannix, a locally and nationally honored teacher, a internet startup entrepeneur, an author and a musician has set out to accomplish what seems nearly impossible, but is really just a step by step plan for peace.

Brian graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Religion and Political Science from Bucknell University, obtained a Masters In Science in Education from Long Island University at C.W. Post College and served as Trustee to the Village of Sea Cliff.

You can visit Brian’s career work at, you can view the work of Mr. Mannix’s web and app design firm at Mannixlab Productions or you can explore just about everything he’s experienced in his life by saying ‘OK Google, talk to ‘Brian Mannix Hire Dynamic.’

Email: or call (516) 744-1274