PeaceCraft.Us is an effort to finally, once and for all, bring true peace to this earth.

It won't be easy, but, if we can work together, one by one, we can assure that every nation has a day of peace.  

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A Sonic Filibuster - One Day at a Time


One day at a time, starting with those countries who currently have no warfare within their borders and paying it forward to every single country on this earth who is currently at peace.

Think Live Aid meets Hands Across America, but instead of doing it all at once, we take it one day at a time and allow people all over the world to watch and participate remotely via Facebook Live Stream, Google Hangouts, Xbox One, Apple's Facetime and Periscope.  

With the help of the United Nations and each and every country's military, we will protect and defend every single country, even those we are at war with for just one day.  We will gain momentum as each peaceful nation takes part, day after day, and then we will focus on the countries within whose borders there is fighting.  

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Starting in one country... 

and spreading around the world!

If we can make it through every single country, we will then focus for one day on each continent and then, for one day, perhaps, we can do what every mother and father has ever dreamed of for their children and for those who have crossed over to the other side:  for one day, achieve complete and total peace.

Whether you're black, white or grey, whether your Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist or of any other faith and even if you don't believe in any thing other than reason, perhaps you will contribute your verse for peace.  


A Sonic Filibuster for Peace

196 Straight Days of Peaceful Celebration, One Nation at a Time.

the question is not whether or not we can achieve total and utter peace on this earth, the question is What's Your Verse?

Add your verse and help get a meeting with his Holiness, Pope Francis, President Obama and Mark Zuckerberg.  Guess how much closer we would be if we obtained their help.  Contribute toward making that meeting happen here.

Brian Mannix

PeaceCraft Development Coordinator


The question is not whether we can achieve peace.  The real question is "What's Your Verse?"

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